Does Montreal need a new theatre company? Is live theatre still relevant? Are there better dramatic media than the stage to reach audiences with our stories?

Blue Sky exists to raise questions and create pilot projects in new arts media – including podcasts.

Playwright, journalist and novelist Marianne Ackerman describes Blue Sky as a “conversation about culture”. Co-founder and Artistic Director of Theatre 1774 (1989-1997), and founder and editor of the on-line arts and culture magazine Roverarts.com, she sees the venture as an outgrowth of those two projects.

“I am tempted to launch a new theatre company, but know from hard experience what that takes. I strongly believe there are important questions to be asked about the state of the arts in Montreal. Clearly new models and approaches are needed if this community’s creativity is to flourish.”

“Hopefully, the dialogue will provide a clear idea of what my peers are thinking, as well as what the Montreal public might need and support. Theatre will be central, but books, ideas and a variety of cultural passions will form part of the conversation.”

Upcoming activities in 2018-2019 include round table discussions and guest speakers, as well as essays and Q&A sessions posted on this website.

Blue Sky’s first pilot project is a podcast version of “Mile End Days and Nights”, a trilogy based on the hit play Triplex Nervosa which premiered on Centaur Theatre’s 2014-15 season, and two as yet unproduced sequels: Rooftop Eden and Famously.

The first episode of Rooftop Eden will be presented at the Blue Sky launch April 23rd as a staged reading featuring Montreal actors, and taped for future editing as a podcast.

Produced in collaboration with Playwrights Workshop Montreal.

Directed by Paul Van Dyke, with Howard Rosenstein, Donovan Reiter, Karl Graboshas, Anna Fuerstenberg, Alison Louder, Brett Watson, Alexandra Petrachuk and Leni Parker.

Free event # 9 at the Blue Metropolis literary festival. April 23, 2018. 5 à 7 @ L’Ptite Grenouille, 3435 boul. St-Laurent.